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"THE REAL AVATAR", a David Suzuki's documentary on the Awajun and Wampis fight against Dorato Resources and Afrodita Company

ODECOFROC' s Press Release (02-06-2010): United Nations CERD takes action regarding Awajun and Wampis claims

Dorato Resources says that its permit "is in good standing and drilling is scheduled to recommence in due course" (01-04-2010)

Press Release from ODECOFROC

AIDESEP regrets that government continues attempts to deceive the public by saying that indigenous peoples seek agreement with mining companies (20-03-2010)

Suspension of mining operation merely a placebo (09-03-2010)

Reports document alienation of land in Cordillera del Condor, Peru for mining (08-03-2010)

Company activities suspended in Awajun and Wampos sacred territory (20-02-2010)

Dorato Resources: Community relations seem somewhat lacking, perhaps? (17-02-10)

No representatives from the Awajun and Wampis peoples to attend Hernando de Soto workshop (08-02-2010)

Contributions to a credible chronology of the events leading to Bagua, Peru (06-01-2010)

Indigenous Wampis and Awajun people ask to Premier to not step in their territory and to return indian crown (01-01-2010)

Amazon Leaders issue ultimatum to Canadian company (04-09-2009)

Letter from Awajun and Wampis peoples to minister of energy and mines concerning the Ichigkat Muja park (28-12-2009)

Awajun and Wampis detain gold mine employees (02-12-2009)

Official statement of Awajun and Wampis indigenous peoples on Aphrodite mining and Dorato Resources (05-09-2009)

Government opens up minning concessions near Ecuador border (13-08-2009)

Petroleum and gold sullies the Amazon (03-07-2009)

Peru government revokes laws after violent confrontation with indigenous peoples (19-06-2009)

Indigenous community takes mineral company workers hostage (21-01-2009)

Aguaruna and Huambisa indians attack and destroy Dorato Resources' minning camp in Peru's Cordillera del Condor (31-12-08)