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The Awajun and Wampis peoples of El Cenepa are formally organized in four local organizations: the Aguaruna-Huambisa Council, ODECOFROC, ODECOAC and ODECINAC.

ODECOFROC represents the Awajun communities in the district of El Cenepa, is regionally associated to ORPIAN-P and is an affiliate of the Inter-ethnic Asociation for the Development of the Forest (AIDESEP) which is the national representative organization of indigenous peoples in Peru. All the organizations coordinate among themselves and work together for a better life for the indigenous people.

The organizations listen to the communities’ needs. For example, they help seek scholarships for young people and work with several NGOs on projects to the development in areas such as human rights, economic development, cultural and educacional projects, etc..

Through their organizations, the Awajun and Wampis people also continue to fight against mining companies.