Welcome to this blog where you will find relevant information about our existence, our ancestral way of life and our current battle to preserve it and develop it.

Why is important to disseminate this information?.

- Because we only want to live in peace as usual,
- Because there are powerful interests of private corporations and of national political groups who only covet our material resources and our spiritual knowledges (which they call “intellectual property”),
- Because colonialist views still are killing us and still are promoting stereotypes about us which will kill our sons and their future.

We are here to state that our territory is not empty, that our culture is not folklore and that our future is not for sale. Here we state that we have a strong will to live, that we are not “wild people” but we will defend without hesitations our Vision... as our wise and brave ancestors did.

Welcome, then, to this open window to our world, the Awajun world.


© Photos by Marco Huaco. All rights reserved.